Friday, November 2, 2012

Hughes Hacienda spices up the morning with "Breakfast Rellenos"

Hughes Hacienda in Colorado Springs spices up the
morning with this south of the border cuisine!
Hughes Hacienda Breakfast Rellenos
Directions: Place chiles on foil-covered cookie sheet. Place 4-6 inches below the broiler unit. Roast chiles for 6-8 minutes, rotating occasionally, until lightly charred and uniformly blistered. Remove frm the broiler and place in a plastic bag and close tightly. Steam for 5 minutes. Remove from bag and wash under cold water to remove the skin. Leave the stems on. Make a slit lengthwise in the chile and remove the seeds. Pat dry with paper towel and place on an oven-proof plate, slit side up. Roast piƱon nuts and raisins. Spoon egg mixture into the prepared chiles.  Spoon sour cream over eggs and sprinkle cheese on top. Place under the broiler until cheese melts. Place on serving dish and garnish with avocado slices. Serve with hashbrown potatoes, a meat and an assortment of fresh fruit.   For more Authentic Inns' members, visit the website.   Order a cookbook with more recipes from B&B inns, cottages and cabins.